What data Corporate Communications may collect about our students:

  • Personal Identification Information [name, email address, phone number]
  • We will receive information from the client company for contact purposes, after the students have given their spoken or written permission as required in the company.
  • We collect this information to be able to carry out assessment before courses start and for ongoing contact during the course so that students can receive calendar invitations to online lessons, course notes and reports.

What data Corporate Communications may collect about our staff:

  • Personal Identification Information [name, email address, phone number, home address, education and employment data as contained in a CV]
  • Documented Identification [certifications]
  • Personal details related to invoicing for the purposes of transferring payment for work completed. [Tax number, Bank details]
  • We collect this information to provide staff with work opportunities and payment for the work they do. We do not transfer any bank details to any third party.
  • We may transfer data contained on a teacher's CV to a potential client during tender applications only with the express permission of the teacher concerned.

How Corporate Communications is committed to protecting personal data:

Data Protection: Our main data protection approach, and has been designed to meet the standards and requirements for GDPR. Measures are in place to ensure our core administrative and operational team understands the importance of privacy and rights of our clients, students and teachers.

Data Retention: We have measures in place to ensure we meet storage minimisation and storage limitation principles, and that your personal information is stored, archived and destroyed in accordance to the new regulations.

Data Breaches: At Corporate Communications, we have safeguards in place to ensure the possibility of data breaches are minimal. Access to the server containing personal information required for carrying out our core purpose is password controlled and available only to the core team within the office.

International Data Transfer: There are no international data transfers or third-party disclosures.

Privacy Policy: Our privacy policy complies with the current GDPR regulations. We ask our clients to ensure that their staff who are requesting access to our courses are informed of their rights, and how we use their data. Individuals using our service will also be aware of what they're providing, why and how we use it and will have given clear ways to consent to their information being collected and used for contact purposes in order to carry out assessment and to deliver courses.

Data Storage: Corporate Communications holds all information on a secure server that is monitored for security on a daily basis. We take security on our server very seriously to ensure the possibility of a data breach is minimal. We also take backups of our server, so we have copies of information if it is ever lost.

Data Subject Rights: Clients, students and teachers of Corporate Communications have the right to access any personal information that Corporate Communications holds about them and to request information regarding:

  • What personal data we hold about them.
  • The purposes of the processing.
  • The categories of personal data concerned.
  • The recipients to whom the personal data has or will be disclosed to.
  • How long we intend to store the personal data.
  • If we did not collect data directly from the individual, we will provide information relating to the source.
  • The right to request destruction of personal data (where possible) or to restrict any form of processing in accordance with data protection laws.
  • The right to complain and who to contact if these instances do happen.

Cookies: Corporate Communications also uses cookies on our website to help the visitor experience on our website. This data does not contain any personal information as no login is required and no data is retained on the website in the event of an individual using the contact us page.

Conclusion: Corporate Communications is fully transparent and the GDPR regulation is no exception. We take the privacy and security of our clients and their personal information very seriously and we take every reasonable measure we can to protect and secure personal data that we may process. We have robust information security procedures in place to protect personal information from unauthorised access, alteration, disclosure or destruction. Corporate Communications understands the importance of training regarding GDPR regulations, and our team have been informed about the importance of GDPR, privacy and security of data. At the start of every course, we share with our teachers only that information that is required for them to carry out their duties. We continue to spread awareness of the need to take the necessary steps to keep all personal data secure.

To comply with the new GDPR regulation, we would like to highlight that Corporate Communications may need to send students' personal details previously collected to relevant authorities or organisations where this is required by law.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding how data is processed or stored, please feel free to contact a member of our team who will be happy to assist your query:

Telephone: +36 70 331 8926


If you feel that we have not dealt with a complaint in a satisfactory manner, you may wish to contact the relevant government body.

This policy was last reviewed in December 2022