Value Added Days

Our Value Added Days have been specially developed to offer advanced language skills for busy senior staff and managers who have to deal with overseas colleagues and clients on a regular basis but who don’t have the time for regular classes or even a whole week’s intensive course.

There are a number of areas that can be developed and participants in these courses can choose from the following:

  • Develop sophistication by using conjunctions and relative clauses
  • Develop questioning skills – both direct and indirect
  • Develop skills in clarifying and buying thinking time
  • Expand knowledge of collocations in relevant topic areas
  • Expand knowledge and use of phrasal verbs and business expressions
  • Expand topic related or functional vocabulary
  • Work on pronunciation, sentence stress, chunking and intonation
  • Optional grammar workshop / forum
  • Improve small talk with a hosted lunch with native speakers
  • Expand confidence with set phrases in meetings, presentations or negotiations
  • Expand confidence with set phrases in written communication