Skills Taster Days

Corporate Communications is offering Skills Taster days.

Participants can sample a range of topics taken from our full length Skills Courses.

Options available include:


Core communication skills

Review of the 7 Cs of communication for oral and written communication.

Active listening Skills

Developing the skills to listen actively to a partner, to summarise and ask appropriate questions.

Presenting information at a meeting

Participants learn how to prepare an answer to a complex question, or present information briefly and accurately (max time 5 minutes), as in a meeting context.

Telephone and teleconference Skills

Speaking on the telephone or conducting meetings by teleconference (practical exercises depend on technical facilities available).

Speaking spontaneously

An opportunity to begin developing frameworks for speaking ‘off the cuff’, or responding to questions without  preparation.

Performance negotiation

One-to-one presentations and discussions (as either appraiser or appraised) to review KPIs and goals achieved and set future objectives.

Small talk

Develop skills in informal communication about a variety of non-work related topics with a view to relationship building and keeping a conversation going.

Effective written communication

Handling and responding to emails and developing templates with standard phrases for a variety of situations.

Intercultural communication

Developing the skills and awareness to conduct effective communication with overseas colleagues, visitors or clients.

Project management

Organising, leading and facilitating teamwork, liaising and negotiating with clients and discussing risk.