When is a one-to-one course appropriate for your employee?

One-to-one courses appear intense, and promise great results. However, they may not be cost-effective in every case. In fact, if one-to-one isn’t right for your situation, it could become one-on-one–in basketball, at least, that means one attacker on one defender–and learning English isn’t a competition sport!

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering one-to-one English lessons.

  • Do you want teaching material to be completely based on the individual student’s needs?
  • Is it necessary to have a close working relationship between your employee and the teacher ?
  • Does your employee need special attention to pronunciation and intonation (for example, is he or she preparing to make a presentation in English)?
  • Will confidential material be used during the lessons?
  • Will there be many scheduling changes?
  • Is a high degree of flexibility important, both in terms of material and teaching methods?
  • One to one class

If your answer to most of these questions is ‘yes’,  then one-to-one lessons are a good investment. Contact us for more details. We will be happy to give you sound advice on choosing both one-to-one and group scenarios. Our idea of English as a sport is strictly Win-Win.