Language and Skills Courses

Extensive and Intensive language courses, business communication skills, specialist courses, hybrid courses are all available to meet our clients’ needs. Each course is tailored to the needs of the client and students.

Language Audit

We write a language structure test to meet your needs. The test includes, grammar, vocabulary, written and oral communication skills. Experienced native speakers carry out the audit. We provide a summary of all candidates’ results plus individual reports.

Translation and Interpretation

We help clients with translation of CVs, and other documents as well as providing interpreters to help with visits by foreign partners and managers.

CV and Interview Skills Service

We have been co-operating for several years with a company specialising in recruiting medical professionals for placement overseas. We deal with CVs as well as interview preparation. These services are open to everyone.

English in England

We cooperate with a number of schools in England to offer Intensive courses abroad.


As we are accredited and registered and have been able to help companies access training contribution funds in the past. There are options for obtaining EU funds which we can also assist with.

Progress Checks and Reports

We carry out regular tests to check on students’ progress over their course. We also write reports emphasizing their successes and their development needs as well as recommending personal study techniques that will help in their development.

Clear and Transparent Course Administration

Students sign an attendance sheet after every lesson. A copy of this is sent to the client at the end of the month, or the end of a short course, with the invoice. A record of attendance over a term or semester can also be provided as well as a breakdown of departmental course expenditure where required by our clients.