Total Immersion

In the Science News section of Science Daily on March 28th 2012 there was an interesting article about the value of total immersion foreign language learning.

Here’s a taster:

A first-of-its kind series of brain studies shows how an adult learning a foreign language can come to use the same brain mechanisms as a native speaker. The research also demonstrates that the kind of exposure you have to the language can determine whether you achieve native-language brain processing, and that learning under immersion conditions may be more effective in reaching this goal than typical classroom training. The research also suggests that the brain consolidates knowledge of the foreign language as time goes on, much like it does when a person learns to ride a bike or play a musical instrument.

The latest in this series of studies was published online in the journalPLoS ONE by researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) and the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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