Mediacom Case Study

Mediacom is one of our long standing clients with whom we have been working for more than 14 years. Due to the nature of their business the employees tend to have a high standard of English when they join the company. Corporate Communications has been working with the company to offer additional and more varied opportunities for participants to use their English. Access to a wider range of communicative opportunities prepares the participants for a range of roles, not just to be able to do the job they are paid for at the moment.

As an example of this value added aspect of our training we provided an extensive presentation skills development course. Whereas Corporate Communications normally delivers its presentation training on an intensive or semi-intensive basis, we are also able to develop a course for clients that can be delivered over a longer period of time such as 20 or 40 lessons of 90 minutes duration. This allows more time for the development of language, voice techniques, body language, slide preparation, as well as more opportunities to explore different styles and approaches to presentation delivery.