ELMŰ KSG Case Study

ELMŰ KSG is the customer facing arm of ELMŰ. In early summer 2014 we were asked to participate in a very special project for the company. The senior management provided the names of over 20 key individuals who they wanted to develop within 12 months. The aim was to facilitate learning so that they could attend overseas meetings, present information and handle correspondence in English.

We provided a package consisting of:

  • Extensive classes twice a week mainly in small groups, but also one-to-one for a handful of managers.
  • Each individual or small group attended a one week intensive course per quarter. These complemented the extensive lessons as well as providing industry specific content for the higher levels or department specific material for remaining students.

The quarterly intensive courses were development milestones, each time demonstrating a significant improvement in knowledge or language activation.

Later on in the course there was an additional emphasis on preparation for the final test with the last week’s intensive course consisting of presentation preparation and writing skills focus.

The project required that each group or individual course was tailored to the participants’ levels and objectives, with one-to-one and group coaching for the presentations at the end.

At the end of 12 month project a series of written tests and presentations to senior management were held. Almost all of the participants reached their target level and many exceeded expectations. Their managers were confident that their staff could attend meetings, present and liaise with colleagues from other countries. An excellent conclusion to this ambitious language development project.