ELMŰ Case Study

ELMŰ is one of our newer clients. We work with the company in two key ways:

1) We provided semi-intensive courses for managers who need rapid exposure to English for their work but who needed to be able to return to work for the rest of the day.

2) We provided short soft skills training courses. These included negotiations, office communications, presentations as well as immersive industry specific language courses focused exclusively on the Electricity industry.

We had a larger numbers of participants, who required presentation training in order to deliver  a key presentation in English. We split them according to language level and experience. This allowed us to tailor the language and activities to the particular participants. We divided them into 5 groups and designed the content of the courses to their specific needs. We included some coaching sessions to help develop individual skills and knowledge that each participant needed in order to succeed. The culmination of the course was a series of successful presentations to members of the Board of Directors.