Closed Classes

What are closed classes?

Companies typically organise closed classes for their staff to be held at their own premises. This provides flexibility for the learners and allows them to fit their lessons in around their work. Where a teacher delivers a block of lessons in-company, they are able to offer greater flexibility.

The courses are student-centred and designed based on the specific needs, interests, and capabilities of the learners within a context appropriate to the company they work in.  The aim is to provide a framework or specific roadmap for the learners to follow. The advantage of a closed course is that they allow the flexibility to break away from the roadmap in order to accommodate learners’ needs for meeting or presentation preparation or to handle problems encountered in the course of their work.

Learners are closely involved in the process of designing the learning framework and in choosing the materials to be used.  Company materials can be incorporated into the course where this is the choice of the learners. Variety, flexibility, and student choice are the key aspects of our closed courses.

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