Siemens Case Study

Corporate Communications worked with Siemens for about 10 years focusing on extensive classes for staff in the Finance and HR departments and supplementing these with periodic immersive intensive courses. When we provided the supplementary intensive training it was possible to wholly focus on the learners’ needs as we knew the participants really well.

Taxation specialist course – extensive and intensive – took place over 5 years. We provided a finance specialist with experience in one of the famous international accounting consulting firms. This input was complemented by input from a native speaker teacher with considerable business experience which included internal audit.

HR specialist courses –  extensive and intensive – for staff within the HR department from Director level downwards. Wherever possible some input was provided by qualified professionals to feed in authentic material and experience again complemented by input from other experienced native speaker trainers with business experience. Among the earliest input was development of understanding of competency based interview skills which were in their infancy in Hungary at the time.