Euler Hermes Case Study

We have been working with Euler Hermes for more than 12 years, providing regular classes to small groups. We work with each group to find the programme that suits the needs of the participants.

In addition Corporate Communications has provided more specialist services in the form of semi-intensive presentation coaching and training. For short intensive courses we usually use a team of two trainers to deliver the training but Euler Hermes had a particular request for a semi-intensive course spread over 10 days. The purpose was to prepare a member of staff to deliver a presentation in France. The team of 5 took it in turns to travel to the company office to deliver training and coaching in different aspects of presentation. We used video recording to monitor progress. An additional bonus was the input of a French teacher, who had a good level of English, who was able to help the student with cultural and social aspects of the situation.

A further presentation skills and coaching course was held for another member of staff some time later and her course was organised on a completely different basis. For this lady a smaller team was selected to deliver the course in our own premises on a semi-intensive basis, after normal working hours, over about a week.

Corporate Communications was therefore able to demonstrate its adaptability and flexibility in terms of programme design and delivery as well as with the selection of the team that is appropriate for each participant.