Customer Satisfaction Policy

1. Scope and Purpose of Procedure

This procedure covers all aspects of Corporate Communications’ work which affect the company’s ability to satisfy customer needs and expectations. It applies to all customers and all staff, including permanent and contract personnel, freelance trainers and outsourced specialists.

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that the company provides and maintains high quality standards of service and satisfaction levels for all our customers, contractors and staff.

2. Responsibility

The Office Manager is responsible for this procedure.

3. Procedure

As a continuously improving, learning organisation, we are committed to providing and maintaining high quality standards of service and satisfaction levels for all our customers, contractors and staff.

We aim to exceed customer expectations, consult them about their experiences and needs, monitor satisfaction levels and continuously seek to improve as a learning organisation.

We strive to be recognised as a leading professional, efficient and high performing company, a preferred supplier with a strong customer focus and a caring as well as innovative place to work.

To achieve the best possible service, we set clear standards and regularly review our performance.

The Office Manager is responsible for managing customer relationships as well as those with contractors and all staff, and obtaining regular feedback on performance. The quality assurance processes contribute to customer feedback arrangements and are an integral part of assessing our performance against standards, protocols and specifications.

As part of our customer management arrangements, the Office Manager produces monthly reports on learner attendance as well as periodic measurement of learner progress by the Director of Studies. Monthly reports are produced for all contracts. These are reviewed by the management team prior to being sent to the customers.

At the end of every course, the Director of Studies is responsible for establishing an internal and external review with key personnel to critically review performance and to build on lessons learnt. Satisfaction surveys may also be undertaken as part of these reviews.