Over twenty years in Budapest

Twenty reasons for our success:

1 The personal touch

We’ve grown, but not too much to lose the personal touch. We pride ourselves on our close relationship with our clients.


2 Flexibility

Flexible locations, schedules and formats for training. We frequently deal with the unexpected and modify our training plans.

3 Native speaker teachers

We have excellent Hungarian teachers, but we also understand the value of native speaker teachers, especially for students who have to deal with native speakers (e.g. Brits, Americans) in their work.  That’s why over half of our teachers are native speakers.

4 Professionally qualified leading team

Each member of our core team is either MA or DELTA qualified, with at least 20 years teaching experience.

5 Tailored courses

With our extensive experience of materials writing and course design we offer courses tailored to the precise needs of our students.

6 Up to date materials

We constantly update materials to include contemporary topics and issues, often highlighting changes over time.

7 Online options

We offer classes online to help develop listening skills with native speaker teachers. This provides the opportunity for people outside the big cities to interact with native speakers.

8 Hybrid courses

Combining language learning and soft-skills our courses help prepare students for presentations, meetings, negotiations and participation in international conferences and events.

9  Teleconferencing

During intensive courses, where appropriate, we offer opportunities to practise teleconferencing to build competencies in meeting skills without face-to-face contact.


10 Coaching

One-to-one courses with senior leaders often take the form of personalised coaching in which soft-skills, counseling and language development converge.

11 Our teachers

As well as qualifications and experience, the variety of business backgrounds and accents of our teachers adds value to our courses.

12 Administration

Our administration is comprehensive, personalised and adapted to each client’s needs, making us efficient, while maintaining the personal touch.

13 English in England

We arrange intensive executive Business English training in England with our partner Linguarama.


14 Skills training

Our language courses are complemented by our skills training courses, which are available at 3 different levels, in presentation skills, corporate communications, leadership skills and negotiations.

15 Competitive pricing

We offer competitive rates , including special deals on multiple courses.

16 Convenient locations

The majority of our extensive training takes place at our students’ place of work. Our intensive courses however, usually take place in our office located on Váci utca in the fifth district – away from workplace distractions.

17 Socialising

Our intensive and skills courses not only include the more formal learning opportunities, but informal ones too such as socialising over a coffee or tea and over lunch too.

18 Focus on communication

Our courses are all communicative with topics and skills being introduced through conversation, discussion and speaking games. The focus is on real language which can be used at work.

19 Reliability

We have been in Budapest for twenty years working with the key players in the corporate world. We never let you down.

20 Special offers

Throughout 2017 we offered 20% discount on…

  • One-to-one coaching
  • Skills training courses (1 – 3 days depending on participants’ language level)

Contact us for information about our 2018 offers.

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