SMARTER Presenting

Presentations Workshop

In an earlier post we introduced our SMARTER concept. In this one we would like to show you how this applies specifically to Presentation Skills Training.

At Corporate Communications we tailor all our courses so that they are SPECIFIC to the needs, interests and level of the students. We aim to STRETCH their existing skills and knowledge to be able to present to the best of their ability.

By consulting the company and the participants we can ensure that the content is MEANINGFUL so that it keeps them well MOTIVATED. At the end of the course students MEASURE their success by making a final presentation.

Tailoring the courses to the needs, interests and level of the participants, means that content is always APPROPRIATE for the needs of the company and participants, and the AGREED goals are ACHIEVABLE.

Because we always carry out a needs analysis with every new participant it means that the content is kept RELEVANT, with REALISTIC goals which produce excellent RESULTS in the final presentations.

Smart goals business diagram

In developing the right Presentation Skills Training course for each client we work to a clear budget not only in terms of cost but also TIME. Each element of the course is TIGHTLY scheduled and we keep to a TIMETABLE so that participants know what they will have achieved by each stage of the course.

Afterwards participants are invited to EVALUATE the course and the presenters to ensure that the participants found it ENGAGING and ENJOYABLE.

We don’t rest there, but rather we REVIEW and REFINE our processes and approach on a regular basis so that participants continue to find their studies REWARDING.

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