Presentation Skills Modules

At Corporate Communications we help to build the skills, language and confidence to present a first class message. We offer a modular programme that helps build on an existing foundation of language and/or presentation skills.

Modules available:

  • Communication skills
  • Presentation Fundamentals
  • Advanced Presentation Skills
  • Story-telling
  • Question Handling Skills
  • Speaking Spontaneously

We know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Our modular approach allows us to tailor our courses to the participants in terms of language, style, needs, audience and so on.


We meet all participants in advance so that we can gauge the group needs and dynamics. By setting realistic goals within the time and budget available we can achieve tangible results. We don’t train people to be actors, but help them use their existing skills to develop their presentations in an authentic way.  We input language, skills and techniques, we coach individuals and pairs as well as facilitating peer support, to help each participant use their innate ability to deliver the best presentation they can.

Corporate Communications can develop short courses for your staff starting with one or two modules and building on these as participants develop confidence or as their needs change. Some of the advanced modules can be taken stand-alone For example, the story-telling module can help experienced presenters to weave a compelling story to sell their product.  Furthermore, it’s one thing to deliver a prepared presentation, but speaking spontaneously when called upon to do so in meetings or negotiations after the presentation can present new challenges. Our Speaking Spontaneously module can help.

Call us today on +36-1-788-2528 to find out what we can offer you on presentation courses.



Corporate Communications trained about 20 employees working for an international company. The participants had to deliver a presentation in English to their Board. Participants varied from absolute beginners in English up to advanced speakers. Their experience of presentation delivery varied greatly.

Working to a tight budget we divided participants into 5 groups according to language level and each received training consisting of language and/or presentation skills tailored to their needs. Courses ranged from 6 months training to one day coaching and facilitation. We also gave follow up support in the form of presentation rehearsals before the big day which was a great success.


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