Smart people get SMARTER

SMART is commonly used as the acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. You apply this to different aspects of the business, so how can it be applied to learning and development such as language and skills training?

Smart goals business diagram

At Corporate Communications we offer SPECIFIC courses which are tailored to the needs, interests and level of the students. We aim to make the courses STRETCHING in line with Jim Scrivener and Adrian Underhill’s DEMAND HIGH ELT approach.

At CC the first part of our framework process, before starting any course, is assessing the participants’ language level. This plays an important part in course design to ensure that the participants are MOTIVATED to learn MEANINGFUL content. At the end of a course we either give students a task to demonstrate that they have successfully achieved their goal or a more general test to measure their achievement. Thus, our courses are all MEASURABLE in an appropriate way.

Smart Car

Smart Car

Because our courses are bespoke and tailored to the needs, interests and level of the participants it means that we AGREE APPROPRIATE goals with the client, which should all be AMBITIOUS but ACHIEVABLE.

Our practice of carrying out a needs analysis with every new student means that when we tailor our courses we make them RELEVANT, REALISTIC and RESULTS-ORIENTED.


Intensive and semi-intensive courses are of course all TIME-BOUND, and so too are most of our extensive courses. They are designed, programmed and delivered, with regular progress checks and periodic level tests carried out on a pre-agreed basis. Intensive courses are more strictly TIMETABLED in order to ensure that all the key elements of a course are completed, whereas extensive courses allow for flexible delivery to take account of any changing needs identified.

Courses (as well as the teachers) are regularly EVALUATED to ensure that the participants find them ENGAGING and ENJOYABLE.

We don’t evaluate just once but rather we REVIEW and REFINE our processes and approach on a regular basis so that the participants find their studies REWARDING.

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